Welcome to Vintage Aluminum!

Vintage Aluminum welcomes you to enjoy what the all-aluminum travel trailer continues to offer to the vintage enthusiast. Our private collection continues to be an excellent example of mostly riveted 1940's, 1950's and early 1960's streamlined trailers.

Since 1997 we have accumulated a stable from various companies, most out of business. The collection has consisted of at various time, but not limited to Airfloat, Airlight, Airstream, Avion, Boles Aero, El Rey, Hielite, Higgins, Pierce, Terry Rambler, and unknown makers. It focuses on "Airstream-type" units, with riveted construction, aluminum exteriors, and steel, non-pipe frames.

Though we will sell trailers on occasion, we are not dealers, we are collectors.

This Site is Dedicated With Much Gratitude to the Memory of John Starcher.

We would also like to recognize those people who have helped make this journey more exciting than ever. With your shared knowledge we have been able to assist more people than we could have thought imaginable. We Appreciate You & We Thank You.

Contact Us @: vintagealuminum@yahoo.com

Vintage Aluminum is not affiliated in any way with the Airstream Company.